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Whether you are planning a concert, recital, graduation, film/commercial shoot, seminar, conference, fundraiser or other large event, our professional and friendly staff will help you organize successful events. Attributes and services available when you rent the concert hall are listed below.

About Rentals contact Janet at 718.960.8232,
or Mark at 718.960.8281, You can also send them a message below.


Seating Capacity:     2,310

Orchestra:                  1,063
Mezzanine:                   287
Balcony:                        960


Seating Chart
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* Please note that wheel chair accessibility is limited to only 6 seats.


    • The loading dock can accommodate up to a 53′ tractor-trailer.
    • The stage door and loading dock are located on Paul Avenue at the rear of the Hall.
    • The stage is one floor down from the loading dock.
    • The dressing rooms are one level down from the stage.
    • A freight elevator connects all three floors. The capacity is 8,500 pounds.
    • The loading dock has two sets of doors:
      The dimensions of the exterior loading dock doors are: 7’4″ H x 6’0″ W
      The dimensions of the interior loading docks are: 6’10’ H x 6’0″ W
    • The dimensions of the Freight Elevator: 6’7″ H x 9’6″ W @ entrance, 7’11” H / 9’6″ W / 7’10” D interior


      • Maximum proscenium width is 55′, minimum is 20′, adjustable with masking.
      • Proscenium height is 21′.
      • Stage depth is approximately 30′ to the first column.
      • The stage floor is level, straight-grained maple, stained black.
      • The stage floor conforms to AEA and AGMA standards.
      • Black “Lonstage” dance floor is available. There are five panels each 6′ x 60′.

Please see attached Stage Plan    Download PDF


      • Hydraulic orchestra pit is 23′-10″ each side of center-line
        and has width of 7′ to 10’8″ along the front curve.
      • Orchestra Pit lowers to 7′-6″ below stage level.
      • The apron including the orchestra pit is 71′ wide x 14′ deep at the center-line.
      • Orchestra pit to follow spot booth is 56′ at center.
      • The orchestra pit can accommodate 35 to 40 musicians. The pit has dimmable floor pockets for music stand lights. There are also three additional 110 VAC 20 amp circuits in the pit floor. Tunnels left and right connect the pit to the dressing room area.

Please see attached Stage Plan    Download PDF


      • Double-purchase counter weight system.
      • Working height to the grid is 51′-6″.
      • 33 line sets.
      • Batten length 73′-8″.
      • The arbors are 12′-0″. The capacity is 1,500 pounds per pipe.

Please see the attached Line-set Schedule    Download PDF


      • Road show power is located stage right and is 3-phase 400 amps per leg.
      • Boards: Expression 3 and GrandMa2 Lite Lighting Booth is at back of house, center.
      • Units: ETC S4 and S4 Pars.
      • Dimmers: 188 ETC Dimmers 1 – 184 are rated at 20 Amps (2kw)
        Dimmers 185 – 188 are rated at 50 Amps (5kw) and are used primarily as Cyc dimmers.
      • 4 Varilite 3000 Spots are hung on Line-set 22. 2 additional Varilite 3000 Spots are also available.
      • Two Lycian StarkLite follow spots are in an enclosed booth on the front of house catwalk.
      • House lights can be operated from the lighting booth or the stage right Stage Manager’s console.

Please see attached Repertory Lighting Plot    Download PDF


      • JBL Vertec Line Array System with Center Cluster and Monitor Rig.
      • FOH Console – Yamaha M7CL
      • Monitor Console – Yamaha PM5D
      • The FOH position is located behind the orchestra left center seating area.
        Monitor position is Stage Right.

Please see attached Sound Inventory for a complete equipment list    Download PDF


      • A Clear-Com single channel headset system is permanently installed. Stations are located down stage right and left, in the follow spot booth, control room, at the sound position, fly rail, patch panel, and under the center seat in Row L of the auditorium. There are a total of nine headsets and belt packs available.
      • There is a two-way intercom in the stage right Stage Manager’s console with talk back to all dressing rooms as well as lighting booth and follow spot booth.


      • Full color indoor LED video wall
        with 20mm pixel pitch
      • Cabinet / Panel resolution:
        48 x 48 Pixels
      • Resolution of configuration:
        192 x 432 Pixels
      • Intensity:
        4,200 NITS at 100% white
      • Graphic Capability:
        Full motion video
      • Viewing angel:
        140 Degree Horizontal / 140 Degree Vertical
      • Video Wall Dimensions:
        12’6” x 28’4”
      • Ratio 4:3


      • Rust colored grand teaser with fullness.
      • Rust colored flat guillotine house curtain.
      • Rust colored traveler.
      • Four black velour borders. Flat with chain in bottom. 80’w x 12’h each.
      • Five pair of black velour legs. Flat with chain in bottom. 16’w x 26’h each.
      • One white scrim 50’w x 30’h on line-set #28.
      • One black scrim 50’w x 30’h on line-set #29.
      • One white muslin bounce 50’w x 30’h on line-set #32.
      • One full stage black. Flat velour. Splits at center. Two panels are each 40’w x 26′-” on line-set #33.


      • There is one dressing room off-stage right with a bathroom.
      • There are seven dressing rooms located one flight down from the stage.
      • Two Chorus dressing rooms for 20 people each and five dressing rooms for four people each.
      • All dressing rooms are equipped with tables and lighted mirrors.
      • Male and Female restrooms with showers are adjacent.
      • There is a green room located on the dressing room level.


      • There are 17 Wenger Orchestra shells available. Each shell is 6′ wide and approximately 12′ high and are easily moveable with locking casters.
      • Wenger ceiling panels are on battens, fold flat and fly to the grid for storage. See line-set schedule for location.


      • 80 – black padded orchestra chairs.
      • 12 – black padded cello chairs.
      • 75 – Wenger music stands.
      • 25 – music stand lights.
      • 18 – 4′ x 8′ StageRight platforms.
      • 6 – 24″ StageRight z-frames.
      • 6 – 16″ StageRight z-frames (platforms can also be 8″).
      • 1 – Conductor’s platform.
      • 1 – Conductor’s podium.
      • 4 – Stair Units.
      • Additional platform sections are available for a full choir set-up.


      • One Steinway Model “D” concert grand piano.
      • One Steinway Model “M” baby grand piano.
      • Both are tuned to A-440.


      • Lehman Center for the Performing Arts is an IATSE Local One house.
      • Labor estimates will be given by the Technical Director upon receipt of production riders.


      • Security is provided by Lehman College Public Safety.


      • Parking is available adjacent to the Hall for tour busses, tractor-trailers and production vehicles. The Office of Public Safety requires that they have a list of all vehicles and names of drivers at least 48 hours prior to arrival.
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