Puerto Rican Masters. Los Grandes Maestros de La Salsa.

  • 08:00 PM
  • Concert Hall at Lehman College
  • 718.960.8833

Live on stage, Director, Isidro Infante, Paquito Guzman, Moncho Rivera, Ray De La Paz, Michael Stuart, Miki Vimari, Luisito Carrion and more to be announced.

They come with the history of Salsa.
PuertoRican Masters is a select group of the most prominent representatives classics and contemporary Salsa that have been an essential part in the development of the genre in Puerto Rico and the world from more than forty years ago, and that his career deserve to be called “Masters of Salsa”. This is a musical concept that allows you to explore the more great successes of the Salsa from the decades of the 70′ and 80′ with his arrangements and original interprets, without the need to resort to various orchestras.
The presentation will take place on next Saturday, June 6, 2015 produced by the Lehman Center and involved two legends of the genre like Paquito Guzman and Ray De La Paz and also representing the new blood of Salsa, Luisito Carrion, Michael Stuart and Moncho Rivera. The special guest of the night is the “Diva” Miki Vimari.
The Orchestra will be composed of a select group of the best Puerto Rican musicians resident in New York and directed by maestro Isidro Infante, 7 “Grammy” award winner and current director of the emblematic “Fania All Stars”.
*Program Subject to Change


Michael Stuart Invites

Paquito Guzman

Moncho Rivera

Michael Stuart