Andy Montañez & Charlie Aponte

  • 08:00 PM
  • Concert Hall at Lehman College
  • 718.960.8833

These two Salsa Legends are recognized worldwide as one of the best and most influential singers in the history of salsa.

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Montañez and Aponte will shine on Lehman stage with their vast repertoire, including songs favored by the public such as “Un Verano en New York” and “No hay cama pa’ tanta Gente”.
These two Puerto Ricans stars are multifaceted artists worldwide, recognized not only as one of the best and most influential singers in the history of salsa, but also as international celebrities known for their performances with “El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico”.
Montanez, during his 15-year tenure (1962-1976) as a lead vocalist of the, “El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico” produced over 37 albums that included such hit songs as “Hojas Blancas”, “Un Verano en Nueva York”, “El Barbero Loco”, “Ponme el Alcoholado Juana”, “El Swing”, “Julia”, Las Hojas Blancas and “Vagabundo”. 
Aponte, in 1973 when, following the departure of Pellín Rodriguez joined the “Mulatos del Sabor”. He has contributed vocals and displayed his ability as sonero on such hits as “Brujería”, “Amor Brutal”, “La Loma del Tamarindo”, “Compañera Mía”, “No hay cama pa’ tanta Gente”.
With over five hundred concerts worldwide their international careers span more than five decades.


Andy Montanez y Charlie Aponte at Lehman Center


Charlie Aponte with Andy Montañez “Timbalero”

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