La Belle, Lost In The World Of The Automaton

  • 04:00 PM
  • Concert Hall at Lehman College
  • 718.960.8833

The awe-inspiring retelling of the original Beauty and the Beast story!

$25 General Admission
Kids up to 12 and Seniors $10 all seats

.. a masterpiece … raised to an infinite degree. A delicious feast for the eyes and ears and nourishing fodder for the soul… a cornucopia of sights and sounds that burrow through the hard shell of adulthood to the child-like wonder of innocence and imagination, too long buried.Dennis Sparks for 'All Things Performing Arts'
A giant art work of a play with 100 moving parts that will engage you like no other show… Animated effects every 30 seconds… Steampunk finesse… Whimsical, dramatic and heartfelt… This is the new Imago Theater and they are at their best!
For the first time in over 35 years, the acclaimed Imago Theater has created a new fairy tale experience for audiences of all ages. La Belle, Lost in the World of the Automaton ­meshes elements of steampunk and automata with the original classic La Belle et la Bête (Beauty and the Beast).
Set aboard a steamship circa 1920 La Belle is the unlikely love story of the ship’s coal stoker (Sam Stoker) and one of the vacationers on the ship (Lady Rose). When she takes refuge from a storm while on deck Rose finds herself in Sam’s engine room far below. She is drawn to a myriad of trunks and treasures accumulated there, including objects of Sam’s own creation and discovers that he has constructed the story of La Belle et la Bête in the world of the automata (figurines brought to life by the ingenuity of clockwork mechanics).
She also knows the story of Beauty and the Beast and soon joins him in the telling. They become friends, beautifully melding the real and fantasy worlds while playing the characters of Beauty and the Beast, and beyond their control they fall in love. Like a giant toy containing moving gears, machines and a backdrop of a whimsical ship, the physical set is a kinetic and animated environment from which over a 100 effects, puppets and automata emerge to tell this magical tale.
A triumph! A beauty of a Beauty…Surprising… Delightful…Rare and Wonderful…you may well want to see it over and over again!Marty Hughely for 'Oregon Arts Watch'
Should be at the top of your holiday to-do list! Creative! Engaging!Debbie Tofte for 'PDX Parent'
Masterpiece..Alluring… a complexity that engages adults but just the sort of magic and suspended reality that appeals to little ones. Make sure La Belle is on your can’t-miss list!Karel Chan for 'NW Kids Magazine'

La Belle, Lost In The World Of The Automaton
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