Diego el Cigala

  • 08:00 PM
  • Concert Hall at Lehman College
  • 718.960.8833

Diego el Cigala, Four-time Grammy winner returns to perform his world renowned flamenco!

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Tickets: $100* VIP, $65, $55, $50

Madrid-born Diego el Cigala’s fiery vocals are rooted in the great flamenco tradition. He has created his own exciting style by fusing flamenco with other idioms from the Cuban bolero to the passionately expressive Argentine tango. His innovative exploration of the Argentine tango was the subject of his 2013 Grammy Award–winning album Romance de la luna Tucumana — his second for Best Tango Album — and will be the focus of this concert.
Diego el Cigala is a Grammy-winning trailblazer and musical innovator whose distinctive voice has inspired critics and fans to call him “the Sinatra of flamenco.” El Cigala has enhanced his sound by melding his own Spanish gypsy heritage with acclaimed forays into the Argentine tango tradition, not to mention adding rhythmic touches of bolero, son and Afro-Caribbean jazz. Now you can experience the electrifying vocalist’s mastery firsthand when he visits Lehman Center for the Performing Arts in the Bronx.
Produced by Lehman Center and Leo Tizol

Diego el Cigala – En esta tarde gris

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