Danny Rivera

  • 08:00 PM
  • Concert Hall at Lehman College
  • 718.960.8833
Nelson González, Musical Director.
Featuring Konrad Adderley, Federico Britos, Eduardo Reyes,
Ricardo Pons, Johnny Rodríguez, Willie Rodríguez, Juan Wust,
Ruben Rodríguez, Giovanni Hidalgo,
and Bobby Allende.
Special Attraction, Cuban Pianist, Emilio Morales.

Be part of a unique event in the history of Lehman Center! Come and relive a night of intense passion with romantic oldies interpreted by the national voice of Puerto Rico, Danny Rivera. Featuring Nelson González, Konrad Adderley, Federico Britos, Andy González, Ricardo Pons, Johnny Rodríguez, Willie Rodríguez, and Juan Wust. OBSESIÓN, Danny Rivera’s new album with Nelson González, marks a new turn in his career as he returns to the repertoire of the great Latin American songbook, singing great songs by iconic composers with a stripped-down cast of the music’s most knowledgeable veterans. Danny Rivera’s magnificent, passionate way of singing is known and loved all over the Spanish-speaking world. With hits such as “Tu Pueblo Es Mi Pueblo,” “Amada Amante,” and “Madrigal,” this concert is a must see!

Tickets: $60, $55, $45